Why Choose Wärmer Blankets?

  • Cost to Run

    Our blankets and throws will cost you between 1p and 5p per hour to run which is cheaper than running your average kettle for 5 minutes!

  • Safe to Use

    Wärmer blankets and throws have built-in overheat and overcurrent protection systems to ensure that they stays safe while in operation.

  • Machine Washable

    The controllers on our products are detachable meaning they can be machine washed. Please note that this excludes our Cover Max range.

  • Stay in Control

    Wärmer blankets and throws boast multiple heat settings for you to choose from to ensure that you have maximum control at all times.

Fully Fitted Electric Blankets

These blankets sit on top of your mattress and heat the surface of the bed. The fully fitted skirts mean you can attach them to your bed the same as you would a bedsheet or mattress topper.

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Heated Throws

Our stylish heated throws are used like a traditional blanket. They are ideal for sofas as you can wrap them around yourself to keep cosy when the weather gets chilly.

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Tie Down Diamond

These diamond quilted Tie Down blankets offer a luxury feel without breaking the bank. The controller is detachable a which means it can be machine washed at low temperatures.

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'Cover Max' Electric Blankets

These great value heated blankets cover the whole bed apart from the pillow area. Each side of the bed can be heated independently which makes them perfect for couples.

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Luxury Fleece Electric Blankets

These fully fitted blankets are made with a super-soft fleece material to provide extra warmth and comfort. The LCD display on the controllers make using the product even easier.

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Tie Down Blankets

Similar to our fully fitted range, these blankets lay on top of your mattress and heat up your bed. The difference is that these need to be tied down with the strings attached.

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Cotton Electric Blankets

These heated blanket are super comfortable as they have a 200 thread count and 250g of bounce-back fibre padding. They are controlled by two independent controllers meaning the blanket can be controlled from either side of the bed.

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Heat Pad

Heat pads are like a modern hot water bottle. They concentrate heat to target specific areas of the body which makes them ideal for aches and pains.

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