Pros and Cons of Electric Blankets

Pros and Cons of Electric Blankets

Pros of a Heated Blanket

Save on Your Bills

The main benefit of having a heated electric blanket is that they are energy efficient. They will provide you with warmth without having to turn your heating on. They won't heat up your whole room but they will provide enough heat to keep you warm during the night.

Our blankets and throws are fast to heat up and stay warm long after being turned off. Our products also come with built-in overheat and overcurrent protection systems so you don’t have to worry about the blanket overheating after you fall asleep or running all night long.

To check how it will cost you to run your Wärmer blanket or throw, check out this blog.

Boost Your Mood

Using a heated blanket when sleeping can help improve your mood because the warmth will naturally calm your body and mind. Heated blankets help you to lower the amount of energy the body needs to keep a consistent body temperature and, therefore, can reduce the stress or anxiety you may feel when trying to sleep on a cold night.

Relieves Pain

A common remedy for aches and pains is to apply heat. The heat produced from a heated blanket can help reduce tightness in your muscles and minimise cramps. 

Our Luxury Fleece Heat Pad is ideal for relieving painful areas on your body. If you have any sort of arthritis, neck tension, stomach aches or back pains, this product is brilliant at combating these issues.

Provide Better Sleep

Heated blankets can also promote a better quality of sleep. Changes in temperature can disturb your sleep, make you feel unwell, and cause you to toss and turn during the night. A heated blanket keeps the temperature consistent so your sleeping cycle will not be disrupted.


Cons of a Heated Blanket

Fire Risk

Just like any electrical appliance, heated blankets can be a fire hazard. Leaving them on for an extended time can increase the chances of a fire risk. Fortunately, our blankets and throws have an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent them from overheating.

Not Always Pet-Friendly

Although most pets will love to snuggle up on a heated blanket, you should be aware that heated blankets do pose some risk to your pets if they decide to claw, scratch, or chew on the blanket. It’s possible for pets to be burned by an electric blanket in two different ways: they could directly touch one of the wires through their contact with the blanket, or they could receive an electric shock through contact with someone who’s plugged into the blanket.


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